Two amazing 70+ foot waterfalls in a short one mile hike!

If you're a waterfall junkie like me, then these falls are for you. Starting the hike with Sahalie Falls at 100 feet.

Sahalie and Koosah Falls can be combined in a short (less than 4 mile) loop hike. From the trailhead (Sahalie Falls viewpoint), I started my hike left down stream.

A short half mile hike down the river will bring you to the 70 foot Koosah Falls. 

And don't be afraid to stop on your way and see how insanely blue the water is here!

I don't want to mislead you, so I'll be honest.. The weather has to be just right to see the water this blue. I was lucky on this day to say the least!

You could end your hike at this point and turn back to Sahalie Falls, or continue on down the loop to the other side of the river for more secluded and unique views of the falls.

There aren't many views of Koosah Falls on the other side of the river, but continue up the beautiful forest to reach Sahalie Falls.

I personally like this side of Sahalie Falls just because there was no one else over here with me, making it easier to photograph and enjoy!

From here, it's time to finish the loop hike and reach the starting point again. Continue forward for a ways, roughly less than a mile to reach the wooden bridge crossing.

After crossing the bridge, take a sharp right on the unmarked trail (closest to the river) to get to the top of Sahalie Falls.

By the time I made it back to the start, I had almost the entire place to myself. To be fair, I did start the hike after 4pm and finished well into 7pm (due to multiple stops for pictures).

Just in time to take one more photo, a self portrait!


Both waterfalls are free!

Two beautiful large falls in a short easy hike!

The colors, blues, greens, very picturesque.


VERY crowded at times (all summer and mid-day).

Not many safe vantage points besides viewpoints (respect the moss).

The drive to the falls is far from any city, but is that bad?