The tallest mountain on the Oregon Coast range.

If you're looking for a fairly short, yet challenging and rewarding mountain hike, then Saddle Mountain is for you!

Right from the parking lot, you can look up and see the peak of the mountain, your destination.

Get there early, the parking lot fills up quick on the weekends.

The hike begins as an uphill climb, and does not stop until you reach the top. With a few short exceptions, get ready for a constant uphill battle through the switchbacks!

Saddle Mountain gets it's name because of the shape, like a horse saddle with two peaks. The final peak reaching roughly 3400 feet above sea level.

But don't let that scare you, this uphill hike has plenty of gorgeous views and steep exposure along the way to keep you motivated!

Depending on the time of year you go, you may get lucky and hike through some snow. Although it can be slippery/icy in spots, it's insanely beautiful like a winter wonderland!

As you start getting closer to the top and above the trees, you will find numerous view points along the way to

soak it all in and refresh your legs before the final stretch.

Once you've reached the long bridge/slope after the first peak, you're on to the final stretch to the very top!

Just another short 1/4 steep mile of switchbacks to the peak, but trust me, the 360 view is well worth it!

From here on clear days, you can see all the way up and down the Oregon Coast, including Astoria and the Gorge. And when it's really clear, you can even see Mount Hood!

Astoria Oregon in the distance.

Once you've rested up a bit and had a snack or two, you can take your time and head back down. 

And the way back down is just as rewarding, with views all around you. Take in all the wonder!

Don't be afraid to stop and grab pictures, and appreciate what you just accomplished. You've earned these views! 

On the hike down, the snow had all melted, presenting a whole new set of beauty for all of us to enjoy. And of course,

it was much easier to enjoy it without the struggling of climbing up hill, ha. 

With roughly 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down, this hike is completely doable for spring, summer, and fall.

And although it's steep (and slightly dangerous at places with snow), it is very well worth the effort.


It's FREE! No pass required (currently 2020)

You can also camp at the trailhead in designated campsites.

Incredible views throughout the hike with 360 degree views at the top!


Can be crowded on weekends and throughout summer.

Consistently steep with a few risky drop offs.

(I can't think of anything else bad about this hike!)