The name speaks for itself. This lake is truly a gem, and the perfect place for a quick day hike or overnight stay to avoid

the crowds here in Central Oregon!

One of the most beautiful and easily accessible lakes in the area, Indigo Lake sits in the middle of the Willamette National Forest at about 6000 feet elevation.     

The hike up to the lake is a steady incline throughout, and roughly 2 miles long.

While the hike to Indigo Lake doesn't have "scenic" views, walking through the forest with old growth trees is absolutely beautiful!

For us, camping was the goal. Surrounding the lake are roughly 8 primitive designated campsites, each with a view of the sawtooth  mountain. 

(However only about 4 campsites have a good view of the lake without too many trees in the way)

The good news is, these campsites are free. The bad news is, they are all first come first serve. So get here early on the weekends during summer months!

Find a good spot to set up then take the trail that goes all the way around the lake to see what the area has to offer (just under 2 miles around the whole lake).

At the base of the sawtooth mountain lies plenty of loose fallen rock where you can build rock sculptures until your heart's content!

If you have enough energy after hiking to Indigo Lake, take the trail to the top of the mountain for a perfect view of where you are!

Or, go for a brisk swim in this serene mountain lake, then spend the evening relaxing the best way there is, in a hammock!

Most of Indigo Lake is fairly shallow (no more than 6 ft around the edges). This makes the water very clear and perfect after hiking temperature.

Watch the golden glow of the sunset hit the mountain peak as you sip a good drink, taking in the  views.

After the sun sets on a clear night, you are rewarded with some of the brightest stars you'll ever see!

There is nothing more peaceful and no better way to end your night than laying in a light up hammock at a mountain lake underneath the milky way!


Beautiful campsites all around the lake.

Secluded from the main crowds at Timpanogas Lake.

Free camping!


Mosquito's and bees are RELENTLESS.

Zero amenities (besides a few fire pits and benches).

First come first serve (campsites fill quick in Summer).