I have never seen anything so intensely great and vastly powerful, until I visited here, the Grand Canyon!   

Even in person, I didn't believe what I was seeing. This place is so massive, nothing can do it justice. However, I will do my best in this blog.

We started our Grand Canyon journey on the North Rim, just outside of the National Park in the Kaibab National Forest.

While camping here on the North Rim in the National Forest is free, getting here is a different story. 4x4 drive is recommended with the miles and miles of back country road.

But the views are worth it! (Limited camping spots and not easily accessible). 

Although there are thousands of visitors in the park each day, there are plenty of spots to get away from the crowds to get all

of the photos you'd want. You just have to get creative (and brave).

Perspective is a good indication of what it's like standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Parts with guard rails, and parts without!

As a photographer, I hate to admit this but, no matter what photos I post in this blog, it just will not do it justice. This place is incredibly huge.

A few different compression angle shots may help with bringing perspective to the complexity of the Grand Canyon, but nothing will ever compare to being here in person.

And even in person, it was hard to believe!

Sunrise was just as impressive! And lucky for us, the crowds were slightly less than during they mid day and sunset.

It was truly amazing watching the sunrise glow hit the different levels of the Grand Canyon at different times, making for one spectacular light and color show!

And even when you think the sun has risen, give it a few minutes, you haven't seen anything yet! (The left photo was 1 minute before sunrise, the right photo was about 5 minutes after sunrise.)

There literally is no better place to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and grab a good seat for the sunrise on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon!

Although we were here in mid October on a Wednesday, we got very lucky that no one else entered "our" popular spot for sunrise. So do yourself a favor and get here EARLY! 

As soon as we headed out (about 15 minutes after sunrise) the crowds began to grow like crazy!

Find yourself a good seat and enjoy the show! I promise, no matter where you stand at the Grand Canyon, you won't be disappointed! 


Endless (long) hikes to avoid the crowds.

Immense beautiful views at every corner.

1 pass = 7 days of visitation (North + South Rim).


Crazy amounts of people (almost any time of year).

Some viewpoints not open to public (only through bus tours).

No free camping inside the park (lots of expenses).