Dome Rock Visual Story - Sean Chess Photography

If you don't mind a short drive and a bit of steep hike to a small space, then this back-country spot is for you!

360 degree views of the mountains around you is only one of the perks of this amazing lesser known spot. But the best part is, if you get here early enough in the day or late enough in the season, you might be able to snag the small one tent camping space to sleep under the stars!

Set your tent up on the small flat patch and enjoy the evening views!

The views of the Central Oregon Cascade Mountains (Three Sisters) behind you and the sunset in front of you is almost unreal.

But  the best part about this spot, is the view of the night sky!

And if all that isn't enough to peak your interest, then maybe a nice early morning view of sunrise and a warm cup of mountain coffee is!

Sunrise over Mount Jefferson, OR.

Dome Rock near Detroit Oregon is definitely one that should go on your bucket list. If you get bored at the top, you can always take a short 1.5 mile hike down to Tumble Lake as well. Either way, you won't be disappointed!


Short Hike (from the upper trailhead)
Secluded/Lesser Known
360 degree views


Limited camping (one small space)
Rough rocky trail towards the top
Lots of dangerous drop offs
No fires