Disclaimer: The Columbia River Gorge is a HUGE beautiful river between Oregon and Washington. So big, that there is too much to cover here. So enjoy this small part!

Arguably one of the most beautiful drives in Oregon, the Gorge spans with rocky peaks and incredible winding views.       

The Gorge is famous for all of its incredibly beautiful waterfalls surrounded by lush green forest, including the famous Multnomah Falls (not pictured here).

Be prepared, you could spend your entire day just exploring the vast waterfalls in just a small area! 

Hike to  the top of one of the giant cliffs to catch a beautiful sunset, with views for miles East and West!

Mitchell Point was our spot for a sunset hike, although it was a little more rough than we thought. 

With a handful of switchbacks, a rocky trail, steep elevation gain in a short period, and plenty of drop offs,

this hike is not for the faint of heart. But views like this, it is totally worth it!

(This may not be a hike for small children, and it can get insanely windy at the peak.)

Don't forget to head East and make a stop at the famous Rowena Crest!

Did I mention that Rowena Crest is the perfect place to catch sunrise? No hiking required!

Take a small walk down the road of the crest for some more beautiful sunrise views, and even wild flowers in the right season.

I'm sure I will explore the Columbia River Gorge more, make a new Visual Story, and share tons more photos. But for now, this will have to do.

Take the drive, explore it, and see the beauty for yourself!


Endless scenic views

Plenty of waterfalls and day hikes

Adventures for all skill levels


Plenty of dangerous hikes

Weather can be unpredictable (Cold/Windy)

Massive amounts of people in the Summer