Broken Top Visual Story - Sean Chess Photography

One of the best hikes I've seen yet in Central Oregon, and you can camp here too!

Broken Top to "No Name Lake" is definitely one for the books. The glacier fed lake at the top, (which has no established name) is a crazy natural turquoise color. And it stays that color, rain or shine!  

Complimenting the beautifully colored lake are the incredible jagged peaks of
Broken Top looming over you. The unique tones on the old volcanic mountain are a canvas of colors to stare at.

But don't stop at the lake! Continue the hike up the trail to the ridge overlook, to get incredible views of the Three Sisters Mountains. 

You'll be surrounded with immense views at the top, including looking back down at the entire turquoise lake.
Not to mention being face to face with the peak of Broken Top itself!
(Pro tip: Don't fall off the edge up here. It has happened before.)

If you feel like camping, get here early enough to claim one of the small (least rocky) patches of dirt and set up your tent! Just remember, no fires, and it gets very cold above 7,000 ft.

Side note: The weather can be VERY unpredictable up here. So be prepared. Have a good tent that can withstand strong gusts of wind. Be ready for rain, and be ready for the cold!

Believe me, you need to see this place for yourself. Pinch yourself while you're there to know it's real. It's worth the hike!


Beautiful forest and mountain views on the hike up
Endless views at the top
Free camping (with free wilderness permit)
Short 3 mile hike (from the upper trail head, NF-380)


Can be crowded during the day
Limited camping spots
Unpredictable weather
Very rough drive to the upper trail head