The place where movies are made, and a place that makes you feel like you're in a movie, the Eastern Sierras!

Arguably one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the United States, the Alabama Hills and Eastern Sierras are a must see when visiting California.

Sitting at just over 14,000 feet, the mountains command your attention with respect and awe. With Mount Whitney reaching over 14,500 feet, it's easy to see why this place is so popular.

Mount Whitney at sunrise.

If you're ever on Instagram, you've probably seen images from this place before. It seems to be Insta-famous,

mostly because it's so easily accessible. Oh, and free!

For the most part, 4x4 drive is not needed in the Alabama Hills. Just drive around, find a spot with a view, and set up camp. 

(Pro tip: Every camping spot has a view! Just make sure to set up in designated pre-made areas)

At this point if you still don't recognize this place, just go watch Marvel's Iron Man 1. Tony Stark, Jericho Missile. You'll see!

There is plenty to do in the Alabama Hills. Besides exploring down dirt roads for better spots (with 4x4 drive), there

are plenty of rock climbing opportunities for all skill levels.  

And if climbing isn't your thing, just walk around, you'll see lot's of neat things. Just watch out for wildlife and cacti! 

While  the Alabama Hills are BLM land, it's important to keep this place as beautiful as it is. Leave no trace. And although I did not go into too much detail in this photo blog, if you

aren't already aware, this is a very popular place, so don't be surprised if you run into large groups of tourist and explorers alike. Or, maybe even a movie star!

If you're looking for a free, easily accessible, and insanely beautiful place to camp for the weekend, I recommend here. Sunset can be great, the stars are incredible,

but don't forget to wake for sunrise, as that's the best part! Sunrise pictured above.


Mostly BLM land, so it's free camping!

Easily accessible through Lone Pine, CA. (No 4x4 required).

Plenty of camping spots with amazing views. Everywhere is perfect.


It's a famous place, so it can be crowded.

The best camping spots require 4x4 drive, but it's worth it.

The weather can be extreme, wind, snow, storms, be prepared.